__Who is BRO MATT?__

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Artwork by Chris McDonald

Brother Matt is a dude who has done many things ... &
plans to do many more.

a Pirate, a Burning Man Body Painter & DJ, underground boogieman, raconteur, 
bluesman, an old punk surfcat 
a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker (really)
chauffeur for Charlie the Tuna & Morris the Cat 
a dude who has (accidentally) knocked down Richard Gere, Bruce Willis, Snoop Dogg, Steve Vai & many other celebrities that he doesn't always remember 
a poker playing, dart flinging, road runnin', fun-lovin' lover of the one
creator of FEEL the CHUNK
& more

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High on a mountaintop ...
Charlie 2shooz & Bro Matt

Here are a couple of the most classic descriptions of the dude, as penned by master wordslingers extraordinaire, Tony Saavedra and Charlie 2shooz, respectively:

"Brother Matt, Always the most interesting of perspectives: because they knew that he knew that they didn't, wouldn't and couldn't possibly ever see life through the eyes of the 1970's Cheshire cat .... It was always a constant semi-confused turmoil they endured when trying to be something other than the petty bad boys of the harbor town and never being able to be something more than small, small, way small fish in an isolated pond just outside the big, big city. And when they saw the cat, the Brother Matt cat, he glided in and out of the environment like freedom. He mingled with not only that scary ass city ourside the protective dome of San Fuckin' Pedro, but he seemed to absorb the entire world, and it, the entire world tribe, absorbed the cat as well. His spirit was so on top of the pulse of what was always happening. Brother Matt was one of those guys your girlfriend pointed out to you in ELLE magazine. You grab the article, flip to the headline and 'The Coolest Spots in America'. Later, you notice that Brother Matt is dancing right next to Jennifer Lopez and they both look very happy." Tony Saavedra, 07/98

(*)(*) (*)(*)

"There are thems that aspire to poetry; thems fewer what actually become poets; and thems even fewer what AM poetry. What tender, grunt, romp, crib, grip, rip, exhume, web, fume, cobble, grace, cadge, risk,snap, vamp, incise, kite, Zen, jimmy, kyrie, odd, boxcar, float, egg, dab, lather, manure, tempt, heft, please, shadow,gage, nest, and galoop, et al, poetry.

Whether they post it or not.

It's a way of looking, see. Of seeing. Look, it's a way of being.

Before one can apt punk the acorn the works vers libre of wildboy bard Bro Matt, some few points must needs be made. That one can better grasp. The gist.

Pay attention now.

ALL poetry is prayer.

Unto God bent.

Scratched as plea, praise, pornography, marvel, boast, joke, whine, rage, rant, or woo. You name it. Styled as epic, sonnet, ballad, ode, free verse, blank verse, doggeral, elegy, haiku, or limerick. Makes no never mind.

Poetry is prayer.

It has been ever thus. Any other whyfor given wrong.

In the beginning was the WORD. Ain't not it so gospeled?

Accept it. Poetry is prayer.

Follows then this.

Poets is ecclesiastics. Priests. Of a singular sort. Of varying feat. (To be sure.) And fervor. (Just stands to reason.) But ecclesiastics nonetheless.

Poets. Ministers of faith gone wrong. Hawk their pitch like anybody. Just more so.

Which brings us the long way around to the orbit intended. Backstreet poet Bro Matt. A splendid monk untamed. Wild in his religion. Hermit of the Sunken City. The Original Urban Pan. Proficient at potions. An American pundit. Professor Emeritus of Kerouacian Travel. Keeper of The Flame. And of The Chunk as well.

O and hungry his need to pray a scribble. To quick have his sharing Say heard. A Say urgent, raw writ, yes. And meant so. A Say straight out said. Born of a tongue turned tough. And a heart lots smote but not stove in.

In simple say, his poetry is a stone gas. As staid, earnest, rough, uncut, open and cunning, as singular as the hilly seabumpped neighborhood streets and waterfront alleys, wharves and piers of San Pedro (Cali) where unto he was birthed, grew-up, and lives yet, as easy as a tuna taco.

As incorporeal, as religious as a sparrow on the nod. And best, most vital, and paramount, as true. Ain't no pink on his pluck. His poetry pulls no punches nohow never. Least of all on himself. Yaz O yaz.

A poetry cagey, knowing, wisecracking, hugely amused with itself and the world it diaries, telling tales out of school, shadowboxing God, brave as beef stew from a can.

So dig in. And dig on.

The Apefire. The Christdropt. The Gangkiss.

Bro Matt

by A Francis Betchik


... why are you so curious about this dude from San Pedro?

... are you a cop? :(

.... a babe? :)

... just wondering why you're wondering?   In case you're wondering, Bro Matt prefers babes over cops.   As one famous San Pedro resident once remarked: "I don't hate cops, but I feel better when they're not around."

DJ action ....

- *Listen to THE WATT FROM PEDRO SHOW - Bro Matt is Mike Watt's DJ on The SPIN CYCLE - www.TWFPS.com - *every summer at Burning Man ... TWAN's Loft ...* 1st Thursday, Downtown San Pedro @ KARMA ... *o6.02 Full Moon Party, Koh Phangan, Thailand ... *lots of parties, *numerous radio stations, including KEARTH 101, KXLU: News Director & The BLUEZ SHIFT, KMET The Legendary Mighty Met where Ace Young originally dubbed the young pup, "Brother Matt". If you want, he'll probably even DJ for you ...

Brother Matt is also the creator of a local holiday: BURRITO DAY IN LA - Dec 19, 2003 will be the 20th anniversary ... celebrate accordingly.